"I was in the hospital after a knee replacement and I received a call from the water department about unusually high water use at my son's apartment. I called him, the apartment manager found a leak under his toilet and fixed it. The bill was $145. Water Leak Relief adjusted the bill and saved us over $110. Thank you so much!!" - Patricia

"Quite possibly the best decision my wife and I have ever made on protection for our home utilities." - James

"A nice lady from my Utility called and said my bill was over $100. I had a leak; I immediately cut the water off. I called a plumber, who came the next morning and replaced the leaking water heater. Water Leak Relief refunded all the bill except $28, more than I expected. Thank you!!" - Gary

"Water Leak Relief proved to be on my side from my first call to them. The process was simple and efficient." - Elizabeth

"I am so thankful for the help that Water Leak Relief gave me when it was discovered there was a water leak at my home. They helped me through the process, getting the leak repaired and reporting it to the water company. Their response to my call was immediate and Water Leak Relief covered the cost of the overage of my bill. The word relief in their name surely expresses how I felt with their help in my situation." - Meredith

"After using my back bathroom, it kept running, which I could not hear because I am partially deaf. It ran for a month and I received a bill for $572! The next day Water Leak Relief adjusted the bill and I only had to pay my normal water bill. God truly answered my prayers! Thank you!!!!" - Jackie

"My name is Betty and I am a Fairfield resident since 1994 and replaced my water heater in 1995 and no problems since until last year. When I read about Water Leak Relief, I was so glad to realize what a benefit this is to Fairfield residents. Water Leak Relief has been very helpful. Thank you very much." - Betty

"Excellent service - One phone call and Water Leak Relief told me what portion of the bill I owed. Would highly recommend this service for everyone" - Joan

"Quite possibly the best decision my wife and I have ever made on protection for our home utilities." - James

"Recently, a water pipe under my home split; water ran for several days. I shut off the water at the meter and called a plumber. The leak was quickly repaired. I then contacted Water Leak Relief. They said the bill was $960; however, I was only charged $20.32. What a blessing that was. Thank you for that." - Wallace